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Michael Bailey is the CEO and founder of Minority INFO Network, the largest minority-owned multimedia news provider in the Carolinas. As an accomplished marketing technologist and multimedia expert, he has grown the Minority INFO Network to a network of 10 multimedia news platforms with an audience of over 400,000 readers, subscribers, and listeners.

Bailey is the architect of the M.A.P.P.S. Marketing Attribution Algorithm, which forms the foundation of all of his company’s marketing platforms and media products. The algorithm provides predictive analysis to quantify the success of a marketing campaign. He has also developed the Mogul Marketing Strategy and the News-Style Marketing Strategy, both aimed at helping companies become market leaders and creating positive public conversations about their brands.

Bailey is passionate about using information and technology to empower people of color. He is a digital storyteller, visual artist, and Ocular Documentarian who is dedicated to empowering communities and businesses through his marketing expertise. He lives by the News L.I.F.E. mantra, “Letting Information and Facts Empower.”

Bailey is passionate about helping entrepreneurs interested in starting businesses in media and marketing. He is passionate about Entrepreneurial Journalism and is available for consultation and marketing coaching. If you’re interested in learning more about his marketing enhancement services, please contact him at 803-619-3752 or via email at info@theminorityinfonetwork.com.



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