South Carolina Minority Business Development Agency Business Center (Columbia, SC) – For nearly three decades, the South Carolina MBDA Business Center has been a beacon of support for minority-owned businesses in the region, and its impact has been particularly transformative for those earning over $1 million in annual revenue. Operated by DESA, Inc., and led […]

“You Smell Like A Dog,” is no longer a bad thing.” We are thrilled to announce an exciting upcoming episode of The MinorityVoice podcast, where we’ll be joined by the remarkable Jacqueline Bowman, the visionary behind the celebrated brand, Gee Your Dog Smells Terrific. 📅 Mark Your Calendars: This insightful episode is scheduled to air […]

Why Internet Radio Advertising is the Future of Marketing Internet radio has been around for several decades, but it has become increasingly popular in recent years. Many media experts believe that internet radio stations are the future of broadcasting, as they offer a range of benefits that traditional radio stations can’t match. The MinorityVoice radio […]

Why Use A News Format There are two reasons why people have been reporting the news for over 2,000 years. One, people are extremely interested in what’s going on around them,  and two, it’s effective. People like having information summed up in a short story that covers the basic who, what, when, where, and why. […]

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