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Written by on March 6, 2023

Your Connection to Empowering News and Information

At the Minority INFO Network, we are dedicated to empowering diverse communities by providing them with the news and information they need to thrive. That’s why we created The MinorityVoice, a 24/7 streaming community radio station that has quickly become an essential part of our media network’s mission to bridge the gap in minority representation and promote cultural awareness.

Our broadcast streams podcasts, discussions, and brief impactful talks, all created with the aim of motivating listeners to keep building their businesses, pushing forward with their dreams, and fighting for change in our communities. We understand the need for 24/7 news and vital information that communities of color can trust, especially during times of social unrest and uncertainty.


We launched The MinorityVoice in June of 2020, during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic and the social unrest following the murder of George Floyd. Our mission was to provide a unique platform for business owners, community activists, and the politically engaged.

Since then, The MinorityVoice has proven to be an innovative and unmatched tool for promotions, community outreach, and public engagement. Our streaming station can be accessed from any mobile device with an internet connection, delivering HD-quality sound even in rural areas of the state with weak internet connections.

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