The MinorityEye is seeking volunteers to serve as Community or Social Ambassadors

Written by on May 18, 2016

As an Ambassador, you can help The MinorityEye advocate for minority communities.

The MinorityEye (TME) Ambassadors Program is an opportunity for you to act as a liaison between TME and our statewide and national audiences eager to see culturally relevant news, informative and empowering information as well as inspiring and encouraging interviews and profiles of minority newsmakers from across the state of South Carolina.

As an Ambassador you will:

—Learn more about The MinorityEye and our affiliate properties and services

—Plan and host TME events and other public awareness activities  in your community

—Act as a community contact for TME

—Re-post and share TME content with your friends, fans, and follower on social media (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter)

—Help TME better understand the needs and uniqueness of your community.

An ideal TME Ambassador:

–Is involved in their respective community through service

– Is active on at least 3 social media outlets (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram)

– Believes in TME’s  mission and is willing to be an advocate and brand evangelist for The MinorityEye and affiliate properties and like-minded initiatives

As an Ambassador, you will receive:

–Opportunity to participate as a guest contributor on The MinorityEye news broadcasts.

–Quarterly All-Hands meeting with The MinorityEye Community Outreach Team.

–Other potential rewards and incentives

We’re seeking Ambassadors who live in all 46 counties in South Carolina.

We have an Ambassadorship waiting for you.

If you are ready to contribute to TME’s mission, then complete the application below. Send any questions to using the email subject ‘Ambassadorship.’

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